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Who we are

Etowah Freedom Fund assists with bonds, commissary, and other expenses for incarcerated people, with a focus on those caged by ICE at the Etowah County Detention Center in Gadsden, AL. We are an abolitionist group and believe no one belongs in a cage.

What we do

The Etowah Freedom Fund is committed to posting bail and bond to free as many people from cages as possible. Your donations make this possible.

As we work towards freedom for all, the Fund is also working to get immediate support to incarcerated people. These people need to call loved ones. They need to buy hand sanitizer and other supplies in the midst of a pandemic. Your contributions let us put money in their commissary accounts to serve as this crucial lifeline.

Finally, people need post-release support when they are freed. They might need a hotel room or a plane ticket home. Your donations help people with these needs too. Every amount helps!

How to help

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